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Lucine Candles

Seeds of Love Wax Melt

Seeds of Love Wax Melt

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Experience a sweet scent of adventure with Seeds of Love Wax Melt! Inspired by the roots of Armenia, Pomegranate, Cedar, Raspberry, and Apple, this wax melt will take you on a journey through a Redwood Forest and a whirlwind of Wanderlust!

Now available in marbled and floral design!

Scent Category:  Floral/Fruity

Top Notes:  Apple, Leaf, Orange

Middle Notes:  Lavender, Jasmine, Clove, Bergamot

Bottom Notes:  Cedar, Raspberry


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Customer Reviews

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The seeds of love defeat The bowel demons of hell!!

To say that it's been quite the battle in the bathroom for quite some time as to how to remedy the death smell that comes out of the toilet for 20 to 30 minutes afterwards would be an understatement. We have tried many other products on these seeds of love wax melts are by far the best thing we've ever tried.
We put one cube into our warmer and within minutes the entire bathroom and hallway smelt lovely like a magical fairy land. No more would we be haunted and plagued by the olfactory demons that came from the breath of a turd. No More we say unto you!! That's sacred room of meditation has now returned to a place of bliss and tranquility. Thank you Lucine candles for making our chamber pot visits pleasant once again!